A group of people with a variety of IT and business backgrounds and skillsets are forming an eLearning,  mentoring and career support charity, CODEIT UK, to help people gain skills and employment in the Information Technologies (IT) sector. They are volunteering to deliver online short courses, mentoring services, small group guided workshops on real-life projects, Curriculum Vitae services, guidance on job search and interview techniques, etc. Coaching and mentoring for aspiring and current IT Entrepreneurs will also be offered.

At a time the British society and economy are facing most challenging difficulties amid the Covid-19 pandemic, CodeIT UK volunteers want to share their most valuable and influential assets: knowledge, skills, experiences, and quality time. And they want to do that in  scalable, unique, unprecedentedly transparent and truly innovative ways formulated out of long years of volunteer works and industrial experiences.

Indeed, what CodeIT UK does is what the founding trustees and many of its volunteers had already been doing with various occasions, kind of as a life style. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and its huge impacts on our lives, the founders eventually decided to focus their charitable efforts to establish a very unique and much more scalable platform that could have a potential to directly and indirectly make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands.


This is a purely charitable initiative out of sense of responsibility and gratitude, with no commercial, populist, political or other social/material interests or agenda directly or indirectly, now or towards the future.


The year 2020 has seen the coronavirus pandemic turning our social and economic worlds upside down.

New words and phrases have entered our vocabulary, furlough, social distancing, and PPE just to name a few.


Most sadly of all, many people have lost their lives or loved ones.


The impact of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has also led to unprecedented numbers of job losses and closing of businesses and companies. For millions of households, this means uncertainty and strains on day to day living, and for hundreds of thousands, to a devastating extent.


Remember, this is not about ‘numbers’ – this is about lives turned/turning upside down and multi-dimensional impacts on so many children, parents, elderly and the young. We may not see many of them in our narrower social circles, but they are there on the same ship of the broader society, and it is not so excusable in a Communication Era not to have heard/seen much about them.


As the pandemic starts to recede and the country starts to recover, many people of all ages, experience and backgrounds may need help to secure their next role or change of career in the economic landscape of a world that will never be the same as it was before the pandemic.


Although central and local governments are investing hundreds of billions of pounds into the economy, it is not a fair call for the governments alone to handle the overall challenge without a mobilisation of volunteers. Throughout time, millions of people may need direct help and support to adapt to the new landscape and secure their new jobs and careers.


While hundreds of thousands of citizens are volunteering for NHS and for many charities around healthcare and household logistics, we need similar campaigns to help people acquire new skills or sharpen existing ones to recover from their job losses, too.


If you can spare a few hours a week and you have technical or non-technical knowledge, skills and experiences in/around any of the below-listed areas, then yes, you can help. Perhaps, you could devote a portion of your time saved by not having to commute.

Alongside technical skills in areas like Software Development, DevOps Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Data Science, Cybersecurity and the like, CODEIT UK also needs volunteers in other areas such as Leadership, Marketing, Communications, Ethics and Audit, Legal Compliance, Public and Corporate Relations, Entrepreneurship, Job Search, Career Coaching and so forth. Some of these skills and time are needed for the charitable operations of CODEIT UK itself.


Remember, we are not asking money from anyone or any institution. We are asking just a few hours of your time a week to share your knowledge, skills and experiences to help others. Individually a few hours a week might seem like only a drop in an ocean, but for an individual or household learning from you, that drop may mean the ocean.